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Val Navy Gunmetal Hoop Earrings In Iridescent Crystal

$ 55.00 $ 70.00

An everyday hoop with edge, the Val Navy Gunmetal Hoop Earrings in Iridescent Crystal feature petite triangular spikes all around to make a dynamic, textural statement. These hoop earrings are edgy and unique, designed for the gal who appreciates a bold accessory. Whether you wear them to add personality to your everyday look or as an accent to an exciting event, the Val Navy Gunmetal Hoop Earrings are the wardrobe staple you didn't know you needed.


• Navy Gunmetal Plated Over Brass
• Size: 2.5" outer diamter
• Material: iridescent crystal


Material Highlight: Navy Gunmetal
Introducing a new take on a trend-setting metallic, Navy Gunmetal. This moody hue is designed to mimic the mystery and depth of midnight, and is absolutely stunning when paired with our Indigo Dichroic Glass to create a tone-on-tone look.

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